Altru Family Medicine Residency

The residency program, founded in 1977,  has an 8-8-8 configuration.  Nine full-time family medicine faculty members and a Doctor of Pharmacy, with a combined clinical experience of more than 105 years, maintain active clinical practice.  Psychology faculty, together with doctoral students, are also on site at all times.  The Program emphasizes clinical care and logic and all accreditation standards for patient flow, duty hours etc, are met or exceeded.

A fellowship in obstetrics was introduced in July 2007. 

Obstetrics and Sports Medicine are active parts of the curriculum.  Additionally, there is an opportunity for participation in the Master of Public Health degree at University of Minnesota, the latter leading to both certification and master level degree.

Over the past years, the Program has been a program of choice for University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences students, seeking an in-state family medicine residency.

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